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Botox Injections and Wrinkle Treatments

Botox Injections and Wrinkle Treatments in Beverly Hills

Botox, Dysport or Xeomin (all type A Botulinum medical grade neurotoxins) injections can be used as an effective treatment to remove and soften lines of the face, forehead and neck. Botox injections of Botox Cosmetic have been shown to be an effective treatment when used to weaken the underlying muscle responsible for causing lines and wrinkles. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are considered basically equivalent in effect and duration and can be substituted, for one another, within the following illustrations.

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Dr. Francis Palmer, world-renowned Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon has been using Botox Injections as a treatment to remove wrinkles for over 20 years. In addition, Dr Palmer uses Dysport and Xeomin and believes these neurotoxins to be basically eqivalent to using Botox.

Dr. Francis Palmer is the past Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at a major medical school in Southern California and has been in private practice as a Beverly Hills Plastic, Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgeon for over 20 years.

Dr. Francis Palmer has given Botox Injections of Botox Cosmetic as effective Botox Treatments to Remove Wrinkles and has a custom method of dilution and injection that he has taught to RN’s and MD’s wishing to be trained in Botox, Botox Treatments and the use of Botox Cosmetic as a means of Removing Wrinkles from the face.

Dr. Palmer says “I think Botox used as an injection to remove wrinkles is literally a miracle of all the advancements in Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery over the past 15 years, I believe the Injection of Botox is one of the most profound. I am always amazed when I inject Botox into a wrinkle and the Botox treatment causing the wrinkle to be soften or removed, right before my eyes without surgery, swelling or bruising, if that’s not a miracle, then I don’t know what is.”

Even after the vast amount of press coverage that Botox used as an Injection for the treatment of lines and wrinkles that Botox Cosmetic has had over the past several years, some people are still confused by this amazing product. Botox is a medical grade toxin that is derived through a safe process that will not give you Botulism. It is however, extremely important that you go to a reputable MD that purchases Botox from Botox Cosmetic for Botox Treatments. There are other, non FDA recognized sources and these should be avoided. The old adage is still true “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” Do not shop for the cheapest price for Botox and Botox Treatments. Poor results are not a bargain at any price. Botox Treatments are performed as an office visit where a small gauge (#30) is used to place a small amount of the diluted Botox under the skin adjacent to the muscle responsible for creating the offending wrinkle. The Botox that is Injeceted then causes the muscle to relax and the wrinkle to be softened or removed.

Botox treatments are quick, safe and effective in the hands of an experienced MD like Dr. Francis Palmer. Botox Injections to treat wrinkles are typically performed in the following treatment areas:

Each area of Botox Injection, as a treatment, typically costs $300-$400 and may last 3-6 months although individuals may vary. Remember, an area of Botox to be Injected represents a diluted amount of Botox that is measured in Botox Units nothing more. An entire bottle of Botox from Botox Cosmetic for the use of Botox Injections contains 100 units. One area of Botox for Botox Injection, on the other hand, typically contains between 8-25 units of Botox.

Typical areas of Botox Injections include: See the Illustrations below

The Glabella: The area between the eyebrows. Typically requires 1 or 2 areas of Botox

The Forehead: Horizontal lines may require the equivalent amount of 3 areas of Botox to be injected due to the length of these lines.

The Crow’s Feet: The lines around the outer eyes. Typically requires 1 area of Botox can treat both Crow’s Feet.

The Vertical lines around the lips: You know the ones that just don’t seem to go away no matter what you do. Lasers, Peels whatever. Dr. Palmer, know throughout the world as one of the few with the experience and expertise to use Botox for these wrinkles. Dr. Francis Palmer has a special method of injecting Botox into these lines so the movement of the mouth is not effected negatively by the Botox. The wrinkles are softened and you can still move your mouth properly, so no one knows that you had Botox Injections. People fly to Beverly Hills from all over the world for Botox Injections by Dr. Francis Palmer.

Dr. Francis Palmer also uses Botox from Botox Cosmetic to treat the following:

Eyebrows that are low, Botox may be injected to raise the tail of the eyebrow. (see illustration below)

The Marrionette lines – these are the lines that turn down from the corners of the mouth. A small amount of Botox Cosmetic injected at just the right spot will effectively weaken the muscle that depresses the corner of the mouth allowing the mouth to turn upwards.

Botox may sometimes be helpful when there is a localized enlargement or hypertrophy of a facial muscle. For example, some individuals have a slight excess of muscle below the lip. This muscle ridge can be softened by injecting a small amount of Botox Cosmetic directly into the muscle. Obviously, using Botox Injections in this manner requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience. Dr. Francis Palmer has all of the above.

Illustrations: See excerpts from Dr. Francis Palmer’s Botox Injection Training course:

botoxDr. Francis Palmer has been performing Botox Injections, Botox Treatments with Botox for over a decade. These are excerpts from a course on Botox using Botox Injection to reduce lines and wrinkles given by Dr. Francis Palmer. Rn’s were taught the basics of Botox, the indications for Botox Injections, Botox Injection techniques, how to avoid complications when performing Botox Injections and understanding how Botox and Botox Injections fit into an overall plan to improve one’s appearance.

Currently the only FDA approved form of Botox is from Botox Cosmetic for the Injection of Botox to reduce and remove lines.

botox2Botox that is used for Botox Injections and Botox Treatments for the lessening of unwanted lines and wrinkles is a medical grade Botox Toxin derived for medical Injection by Botox Cosmetic through Allergan Corp. Initially when Botox and Botox Injections were first introduced, the Botox Injections were used for overactive eye muscles. Botox was Injected into the overactive eye muscle. The Botox Injection caused the muscle to relax lessening the adverse effects of the overactive muscle. One time after the Botox was Injected someone noticed that the wrinkles around the eye were decreased and it was attributed to the Botox and the Botox Injection. The rest is Botox Cosmetics’ story how Botox and Botox Injections are now widely used as a standard cosmetic application for reducing unwanted lines and wrinkles but Botox is Injected for much more including the treatment of overactive sweat glands. Dr. Francis Palmer has used Botox and Botox Injections to decrease excess facial sweating. Botox and Botox Injections have been used to treat muscle spasms, nerve issues, spastic vocal cords and muscle hypertrophy. In muscle hypertrophy, the Botox is Injected directly into the Muscle and the Botox causes weakening of the muscle. With repeated Botox Injections the muscle becomes smaller in size. Each vial of Botox comes to the MD as a freeze dried powder with 100 units of Botox. Before the Botox is Injected, it must be reconstituted with sterile saline. The Botox is then kept in a refrigerator and may be used for Botox Treatments and Injections for several weeks. The fact that the Botox is effective for weeks makes Botox Treatments and Injections easier for those visiting our Beverly Hills office from within California. No longer is it necessary to use all of the Botox within 4 hours of reconstituting the Botox Powder. This enables patients to literally drop in to our Beverly Hills office from Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Los Angeles, Orange County, Newport Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.

I believe nothing beats Experience!..knowing when something is right, or wrong and performing Botox as a treatment for wrinkle removal or any other cause is no different in that regard” .Dr. Francis Palmer.

botox3Botox and Botox Injections are a great way to quickly, easily and effectively reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles. Botox and Botox Injections may also be used to raise the eyebrows (Botox weakens the depressor muscle), to raise the corner of the mouth (Botox weakens the depressor muscle) and smoothen out the vertical lines around the mouth. But even though Botox and Botox Injections are marvelous, they aren’t the answer to every one of your beauty needs. When performing Botox and Botox Injections and when considering Botox Treatments to enhance your appearance, it’s a good idea to understand the limitations of Botox and use Botox as an adjuvant treatment to improve the overall aesthetic improvement. Botox and Botox Injections are a terrific way to accentuate the Beauty effects of many Plastic Surgery Procedures. Botox Injections can be performed around the mouth to reduce the vertical lip lines while you are having a Minilift, Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty (Eye Lid Surgery) or any other Plastic Surgery Procedure with the comfort of already being asleep for your Plastic Surgery Procedure. Having Botox Injections , in this manner, allows you to get a jump start on reducing those unwanted lines and wrinkles. Dr. Francis Palmer advices all of his Botox patients get a booster treatment of Botox to the area(s) Injected at 1 month following your initial Botox Treatment. A Booster Botox Injection performed in this manner, in Dr. Francis Palmer’s opinion, reduces the action of the muscle so that subsequent Botox Treatments and Injections should be effective for about 6 months. At a cost of $300 per area, Botox Treatments and Botox Injections remain one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reduce lines and wrinkles. Dr. Francis Palmer’s Beverly Hills office, centrally located in Los Angeles, reserves several Botox Injection appointments each day for Botox patients to drop in and have their Botox Injection and Botox Treatment. Dr. Palmer’s Beverly Hills office is conveniently located to all major California freeways in Los Angeles and is located about 10 minutes from Santa Monica, 10 minutes from Brentwood, 5 minutes from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, 20 minutes from Los Angles International Airport, 30 minutes from Orange County (Newport Beach) and several hours drive (45 minute flight) from San Diego and San Francisco. Botox Injections are a quick and easy office treatment and Dr. Francis Palmer’s patients fly and drive from destinations all over California and beyond for his unique Botox Treatments. Dr. Francis Palmer is one of the few Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons that perform Botox Treatments and Botox Injections to reduce the vertical lines around the mouth and people fly to have this treatment from across the country and from around the world. So if you live within California or Los Angeles, this unique and highly effective Botox Treatment (Injection) is close by in Beverly Hills.

These pages show some diagrams from Carmine Clemente’s book of Anatomy, but the important message here, the person performing the Botox Injection of Botox Cosmetic must understand what muscle(s) may be affected by the Botox Injection.

botox4Whether you live in California, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Orange County, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Francisco or anywhere in the world… Botox and Botox Injections offer a safe, quick and easy answer to many of your beauty needs. Here, Dr. Francis Palmer uses a pragmatic approach to Botox Treatments by teaching patients and medical personnel the appropriate muscle to target with Botox Treatments and Botox Injections. If you wish to reduce the forehead lines and wrinkles with Botox Treatments, the Botox must be Injected into or near the muscle that causes the forehead wrinkles. Botox and Botox Injections are similarly used to reduce wrinkles and lines in the Glabellar area between the eyebrows. Accurate knowledge of the muscle causing the line or wrinkle is essential for Botox and Botox Injections to produce the desired result. If Botox is Injected in the wrong muscle the Botox may cause weakness of facial animation and movement. So before having Botox Treatments be sure that the person performing your Botox Treatment is experienced in identifying the muscles that the Botox is to be used to relax. Because muscles come in different sizes and are at different depths away from the skin, experience using Botox Injections is paramount if you want benefits without possible adverse side effects.

This page shows that Botox will also affect nerves and the person injecting the Botox Cosmetic must understand where these nerves are located and their function before they can use Botox as an effective treatment.

botox5Dr. Francis Palmer uses this slide to point out that it’s the nerve that Botox really weakens when Injected into or near a muscle. When using Botox and Botox Injections in and around the face, head and neck a thorough understanding of where the nerves are located and what they operate is essential for Botox Treatments and Botox Injections to have the desired effect. botox6If Botox is Injected in the wrong place, the wrong muscle may be weakened and the Botox Injection may cause an unwanted effect. An example may be drooping of the eyelid or mouth. Another example would be if Botox was Injected into the Nasolabial fold or lines within that fold. The Botox Injected could weaken many of the smaller nerve branches to the upper face. The Botox may cause a drooping of the entire mid face region. Be sure you have your Botox Treatments and Botox Injections by an experienced medical professional with a great deal of experience using Botox for aesthetic applications. Dr. Francis Palmer has over a decade of experience using Botox and Botox Injections for the Treatment of unwanted lines and wrinkles.

This page’s message is self explanatory…Botox, like all Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is an ART, be sure you go to someone experienced.

botox7Botox Treatments using Botox Injections is an acquired talent gained from experience using Botox Injections in very specific areas. Specific amounts of Botox in just the right spot will have the desired result. Botox Injected in the wrong spot or in the wrong amount will not. When looking for a person experienced in using Botox and Botox Injections for aesthetic application, be sure to ask the medical professional how long they have used Botox and Botox Injections for cases similar to yours. Do not let a cheap, inexpensive price lure you to try someone or something new. Botox can be reconstituted with any amount of sterile water that one desires to use. The more water used to dilute the Botox, the fewer Botox units per cc of fluid Injected and the smaller the results obtained from the Botox Treatment or Injection. So beware of Botox Treatments and Botox Injections for prices that seem to good to be true. Currently, Botox Cosmetic is the only FDA approved source of Botox available for Botox Treatments and Injections in the U.S. Some other forms of Botox, from other companies and sources have made the headlines recently. The Botox used for Injections, in those cases, was not Botox from Botox Cosmetic which remains safe for use.

This next slide illustrates that Botox Injections are sometimes not enough and the situation calls for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, in this case one of Dr. Francis Palmer’s trademarked Facial Contour® Facelift.

botox8Botox Treatments and Botox Injections are a great way to reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles, and much more…however, there is a limit to what Botox Treatments and Botox Injections can accomplish. When the face exhibits signs of aging, additional Plastic Surgery Procedures may be required. The Botox can be used as an adjuvant Treatment to further enhance the improvement in your appearance.

The next slide shows some of the many uses of Botox and Botox Cosmetic Injections.

botox9Botox Treatments and Botox Injectios can be used to decrease the lines and wrinkles in the Forehead and around the eyes. Botox and Botox Injections are especially effective for the Crow’s Feet area (outside eye areas). Dr. Francis Palmer also uses Botox and Botox Injections to eliminate the vertical lines around the mouth. Dr. Francis Palmer uses his own special dilution method and a precise amount of Botox that is Injected within the vertical lip lines. Only 5 spots, in each lip can be Injected with this special dilution of Botox. If more Botox is Injected or Botox of a stronger concentration, in Dr. Palmer’s opinion, the mouth may not operate properly and you may exhibit some of the telltale signs of having Botox Treatments. Dr. Francis Palmer also uses Botox Injections to raise the corners of the mouth, decreasing the Marionette lines that occur with age. The anterior Platysmal Bands that cause the “Turkey Neck” may be softened using Botox and Botox Injections. To much Botox Injected into this area of the neck however may cause problems with swallowing. Botox may be used here but this is an example of where a Facelift/Necklift or a Thread Lift/Suture Suspension Lift may be used in concert with the Botox Treatments/Injections for an optimal aesthetic result.

botox10Treating Forehead lines and wrinkles with Botox and Botox Injections is much easier once you have a knowledge and understanding of which muscle(s) you want the Botox and the Botox Injection to affect. Botox Injected into sections of the Frontalis Muscle will reduce the horizontal lines of the Forehead. The Botox is Injected within the line or crease at regular intervals along the entire length of the horizontal line that you wish reduced. Remember Botox once Injected can disperse within a limited area from the point of where the Botox was Injected. Botox, for that reason, should be Injected using a precise delivery method and Dr. Francis Palmer then gently massages the Botox, that has been Injected, into the desired tissues and muscles and away from muscles that he does not want the Botox to weaken. botox11Even people with very lined Foreheads can dramatically reduce the prominence of these lines with Botox and Botox Injections, it just will require a larger volume of Botox to be Injected for that effect. Botox Injecetd into the Corrugator muscle will reduce the vertical lines and wrinkles in the Glabella (forehead area between the eyebrows). The Botox works best when Injected along the entire length of the Corrugator muscle as well as within the individual line or wrinkle. The eyelid Muscle (Orbicularis) may also contribute to each type of Forehead muscle and Botox should be Injected into precise location of this muscle as well. This ensures optimum results will be obtained from the Botox Treatment and Botox Injection.

botox12In this slide, Dr. Francis Palmer demonstrates the precise method of Injecting Botox for a Botox Treatment of the Forehead lines and wrinkles. Each mark represents a Botox Injection point. The amount of Botox Injected at each area is usually similar, but this can be modified at any time by simply Injecting More volume of Botox at a certain Injection point. These Forehead lines would require about 3 areas of Botox and represent approximately 15 Botox Injection Sites. A 30 gauge (very fine) needle is used for the Botox Injections. Dr. Francis Palmer then gently Massages the Botox into the desired tissues. Dr. Palmer advises that the level of delivery of the Botox during the Botox Injection is also critical, especially when treating the Forehead with Botox. Under the skin layer is the fatty tissue layer. Under this are the muscles as shown above. This is where the Botox is to be delivered during the Botox Injection. Below the muscles is a very dense tough tissue layer called the periostium. All of these layers are very thin and it is quite easy to insert the needle too deeply and deliver the Botox below this tough periostium. The Botox Injected at this layer will not hurt the bone of the skull but the Botox may not be able to go through the dense periostium and come into contact with the forehead muscles. If the Botox does contact the appropriate muscle the desired aesthetic result will not be obtained from the Botox Treatment and Botox Injection. Precise and accurate delivery of Botox during the Injection is a key factor if obtaining the desired result.

botox13Botox Injections may be used to reduce the lines and wrinkles of the Crow’s Feet area. Botox may be Injected, in this area, using multiple techniques but the two most common Botox Injection methods for this area are the Serial Botox Injection method and the Single Botox Submuscular Delivery Method. The Serial Botox Injection Method uses multiple Botox Injections along each line or wrinkle in the Crow’s Feet area(s). This area may have quite a few small veins and if one of these is contacted during the Botox Injection a bruise may result. This area is also a bit more sensitive than the Forehead and the Glabella when Injecting Botox. For these reasons, Dr. Francis Palmer prefers the Single Submuscular Delivery Method for Injecting Botox in the Crow’s feet area. In this advanced Botox Injection technique, the Botox is delivered to the under surface of the muscle by placing the needle along the lateral orbital rim. The Botox is delivered to the muscle as the needle is withdrawn. This is a more technically difficult method of Botox Injection however, there is much less risk of bruising and there is no discomfort from this method of Botox Injection in the Crow’s Feet area.

botox14Another advanced Botox Treatment is to Inject Botox into segments of the eyebrows. Botox can relax and weaken either the eyebrow elevator or depressor muscles depending on which way you want that particular section of the eyebrow to move. Dr. Francis Palmer has outlined the perfect female eyebrow shape in his discussion of Brow Lifts and Forehead Lifts. This slide shows the advanced Botox Treatment technique where Botox is Injected to weaken the eyebrow depressor muscle so the eyebrow will raise up into a more aesthetic pleasing position. Ironically, Dr. Francis Palmer has used similar advanced Botox Treatment Techniques to treat patients that have had Botox Injections elsewhere that did not go as planned and left the eyebrows asymmetric with one up and the other down. Botox Injected to the precise location can even out these asymmetries.

botox15Another advanced Botox Injection technique can be used to soften the tissue bunching that occurs at the sides of the nose. Precise Botox Injections will weaken the elevator (levator) muscles and cause the cessation of the tissue bunching. Similar Botox Injection techniques can be used to decrease localized muscle hypertrophies (build ups) like those that can occur under the nasal tip and below the bottom lip. Precise delivery of Botox will weaken these muscles and decrease their prominence leading to an improved appearance.

Before and After Pictures

Dr. Francis Palmer and his highly trained staff administer Botox Cosmetic for Wrinkle reduction. Dr. Palmer, a world-renowned Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon has his own unique method of using Botox Cosmetic for Injection and has Injected Botox for Wrinkle Reduction for over 10 years. Dr. Palmer has even offered courses on Botox Injections to train doctors and nurses wishing to learn Botox Injections.

Dr. Francis Palmer uses a unique dilution that he believes leads to superior results and greater safety when Injecting Botox Cosmetic for Wrinkle Reduction. Dr. Palmer and his highly trained staff can perform your Botox Injection as a simple office treatment using a very small needle. There is minimal discomfort, or swelling and most patients return to work immediately after their Botox Injection Treatment. Following your initial Botox Treatment, Dr. Palmer recommends a booster treatment, be performed, at 1 month. The Botox Injections should then last between 4-6 months, at which time the Botox Injections needs to be repeated to maintain the wrinkle reduction effects. Dr. Palmer believes that Plastic Surgery should enhance your appearance in a natural manner. Botox Injections, in Dr. Palmer’s opinion, are no different and should be done to relax the wrinkles not to the point that the face looks frozen and unnatural.

Actual Patient Photos. Results may vary.

botox16Case # 334521: Botox Injections using Botox Cosmetic. This patient has marked lines around the mouth with signs of skin aging. These lines and wrinkles are quite difficult to remove even with deep laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels. Dr. Francis Palmer has been using Botox Injections to soften the lines around the mouth for almost a decade. Using his own dilution technique, Dr. Francis Palmer is able to accurately reduce the lines around the mouth and lip using Botox Injections without adversely affecting the movement of the lips. botox17Using his technique, Dr. Francis Palmer is able to treat 5 specific spots (wrinkles) on the upper lip and lower lip with these Botox Injections. The results are quite remarkable. The Botox, once Injected, relaxes that section of the muscle that causes the lip line and wrinkle. The Botox relaxes the muscle to the point where the wrinkle is softer and barely visible. If there are many lines, then the Botox Injection Treatment may be repeated at 1 month where 5 additional areas can be treated with Botox Injections using Botox Cosmetic. Dr. Francis Palmer cautions against using too much Botox at one time as the lip may not move properly if this is done.

Dr. Francis Palmer is one of very few Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons and Physicians that have mastered the art of using Botox Injections around the mouth area. People travel from all over the world for Dr. Palmer to perform this highly specialized Botox Treatment. The results typically last for 3-4 months after which the Botox Injections need to be repeated.

botox18 Patient that had Botox Injections in Forehead to reduce wrinkles

Actual Patient Photos. Results may vary.

Botox Cosmetic can be Injected to reduce forehead wrinkles that extend over the eyebrows. This typically requires 2 areas of Botox to be Injected as a Treatment.

botox20Botox Injections and Botox Treatments can be used to soften and improve the appearance of those, hard to treat, vertical lines around the mouth and lips. Dr. Francis Palmer has been using Botox Injections as Treatments to soften lines and wrinkles for almost 12 years and uses his own special dilution method that he believes gives him superior results. This also allows Dr. Francis Palmer to treat sensitive areas like the lip lines without having the lips appear unnatural or negatively affect their movement. There is however, a limit to the amount of Botox that can Injected to treat these lip lines at any one time.

Actual Patient Photos. Results may vary.

botox21Here’s an after picture of the same patient immediately after the Botox Injection Treatment. Botox Injections are performed as a simple office treatment that takes just a few minutes. The lip lines are dramatically reduced and the effect will peak at about 1 week after the Botox Treatment. The patient will typically come into the office for a Botox Booster at 1 month and then repeat the Botox Injection at 4-6 month intervals.

If you have vertical lines around the mouth and are having difficulty finding someone, in your area, to perform a Botox treatment on these lines then you may want to consider visiting Dr. Francis Palmer for your Botox Treatment. We have Botox patients that fly from across the country to have Dr.Palmer treat their lip lines with Botox. They often tell us that they can’t find anyone to give them Botox around the mouth and lips. Dr. Francis Palmer has done it with great results for many years, so whether you live right here in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles or Orange County or in California or another state, we are here conveniently located in Los Angeles to all of Southern California. You can drive or fly in have your Botox Treatment and return home. It’s that simple.