Cheek Augmentation 101 Part Three: Realistic Expectations for Cheek Augmentation by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Francis R Palmer III, MD

Cheek Augmentation Part Three: Realistic Expectations by Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Francis R Palmer III, MD.

OK, today, in part three of Cheek Augmentation let’s talk about realistic expectations and what you can expect from this Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure. In my Beverly Hills Practice, Facial Aesthetics has always played a prominent part in my desion making process of how to make someone more attractive. My “Palmer Beauty Principles” quite literally dictate that the Cheeks are the # 1 facial beauty feature and as such should always be looked at as a means of making someone more attractive.

The Cheeks can make someone look old, young, feminine, masculine, attractive or less so and I certainly want to make men look more rougedly handsome and women more youthful and beautiful, so I pay attention to the shape of the Cheeks and recommend the proper aesthetic alterations whenever warranted. I tell prospective clients that the face literally hangs from the cheeks and if the cheeks are flat the face does not have an attractive skeletal structure. The face ages poorly and the person is not perceived as attractive. Can adjustments in the shape of the Cheeks really reverse such an effect? You Bet it can…and does!

Whether you opt for a conservative adjustment in the Cheeks by using Radiesse Injections ( http://www.beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/radiesse-injections.html ) or a more permanent improvement with Cheek Implants ( http://www.beverlyhills-plasticsurgery.com/CheekImplants.html ), you should expect an aesthetic improvement. Cheek Augmentation is an example of a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure that can be overdone with poor and even disasterous results. The Cheeks must be the proper aesthetic shape and more is not better…in fact if the Cheeks are too big or too wide…the facial aesthetics will be off kilter and you’ll look odd. The key is subtle improvement using spot on facial aesthetics. Find a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon that is fearless in using Injections and Cheek Implants to shape the Cheeks but who also has the proper facial aesthetics so they are not overdone.

The same can be said about Chin Augmentation with radiesse or Chin Implants.
Dr. Francis R Palmer, III