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Perlane Injections

Perlane Injections in Beverly Hills

Perlane Injections PhotoPerlane, a large particle size hyaluronic acid gel, is similar to Restylane but is meant for injection deep within the fatty tissue layers of the face. Added shaping capabilities, due to its larger size and ability to provide additional volume, Perlane can be used to shape the Cheeks, Chin, Jaw Line as well as fill in the Nasolabial folds and Marrionette Lines. The volumization effects, of Perlane appear to last between 8 and 9 months. Facial Contouring, using dermal and soft tissue fillers, requires a keen and astute sense of facial beauty.

There’s absolutely no magic in the fillers themselves. The results rest solely on the aesthetic judgment of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon or MD performing the filler injections. Here at The Palmer Code Institute, The Palmer Code aesthetics guide the creation of a naturally youthful and attractive face using the best filler to accomplish that goal. If you’re looking to improve your appearance with Facial Contouring using fillers why not go to the aesthetic source that defines beauty, The Palmer Code Institute. Why trust your looks to anyone else.