Palmer Code® Facial Shaping

Fr Signature Palmer Code® Facial Shaping, Contouring and Sculpting using Beauty Volumizationtm

Facial Sculpting, Contouring and Shaping in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Francis R Palmer III, M.D. voted one of the “World’s Best” plastic and cosmetic surgeons, is a world-renowned beauty expert, double-board certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon who has practiced in Beverly Hills for years. Dr Francis Palmer is a world-renowned and internationally recognized facial shaping, sculpting and contouring specialist, certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with extensive experience, artistic vision and advanced technical skills earning him world-wide acclaim.


Famous faces from around the world flock to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Francis Palmer, MD-you can look movie-star fabulous.” – Woman’s World

The skilled hands of this surgeon have reshaped some of the most famous faces of our time.” – “ A modern day sculptor would best describe this surgeons talents.” – Miami Weekly

One of America’s most famous plastic surgeons” – “Pioneering of Facial Contouring” – New Zealand Woman

He is able to size up a patient in seconds, instinctively knowing where he could contour” – “his revolutionary face contour sculpting technique” – “Dr Palmer the advent of facial contouring signals a great victory” – “the effect is startlingly youthful” –“facial contour is the nearest thing to a miracle” – London Sunday Express

Fr Signature Palmer Code® Facial Shaping, Contouring and Sculpting

facial_shaping_photo2Dr Francis Palmer is a world-renowned expert on facial beauty, author and creator of multiple techniques on facial shaping, contouring and sculpting. Dr Palmer created his Fr Signature Facial Sculpting procedure based upon his years of research on beauty. This simple, office-based procedure attractively and artistically shapes facial contours. Using his impeccable artistic ability Dr Palmer shapes all layers of the face, from the skin to the bone, by removing excess fat along with adding very specific and precise volume with dermal fillers using his Beauty Volumization technique. This technique can shape the cheeks, chin, lips and jawline in just minutes. Unlike some other facial shaping and non-surgical procedures performed elsewhere, Dr Palmer’s Facial Shaping and Sculpting procedure makes men more ruggedly handsome and women more stunning beautiful…it will not masculinize a female face.

  • Facial Shaping with Radiesse

    Dr Francis Palmer’s Cheek Augmentation with dermal fillers on “The View”

Dr Palmer’s “Beauty Volumization”tm Treatment:

  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • No Surgery
  • No downtime
  • No kidding

“I believe that nothing beats Experience! The most important aspect of performing Facial Shaping, Contouring and Sculpting is knowing how to precisely make male faces more ruggedly handsome and female faces stunningly beautiful and understanding the difference. A thorough understanding of facial anatomy (not just skin) is essential for an effective outcome.” Francis R Palmer III MD FACS

Because beauty is more than just skin deep be sure to trust your face to a world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr Francis Palmer.

Defy Gravity and let your natural beauty shine through for a more youthful, naturally attractive you with one of Dr Francis Palmer’s quick and highly effective non-surgical treatments. You can combine multiple non-surgical treatments for a Non-Surgical Face Lift.

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